• phertfelder says:

    Great post! Especially the part about how academic language and jargon sanitizes what we are talking about and disconnects it from people. When I say things like “projectile point” to non-archaeologists I just see their eyes glaze over. I agree though, it’s definitely something that requires a lot of practice.

  • Taryn Kilbert says:

    I am going to share this link with my teaching staff. I feel like there are valid and valuable points. We as educators in the K-12 arena must be reminded that education is a craft, we need to keep moving forward and propel ourselves in order to educate fully.
    Thank you for your series of contributions to masters as well as novices , we are all better for your efforts.

  • This is very helpful and we’ll use this advice in our outreach projects! Thanks.

    • Ashley Burch says:

      Very happy to hear you found the post helpful! Feel free to come back and share what communication strategies worked best with your projects.

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