About the MAPA Blog

The MAPA blog is dedicated to providing current news and editorial pieces about archaeology and its many publics. Our MAPA editors are striving to write pertinent and cutting edge pieces. As the only departmental platform currently publishing Binghamton graduate student produced posts, we are hard at work tackling current issues in archaeology, ongoing discussions of public archaeology, and contemporary anthropological issues.

“Public Archaeology” has a lot of dimensions; a lot of definitions. The folks at MAPA are striving to engage with all types of public archaeology, from cultural resource management, to heritage work, museum work, park service work, ect. This blog is a place that will filter through information about aspects of “pubic archaeology”.

Please check out our People at MAPA and Editors at MAPA pages for more information on the folks contributing to the MAPA program and blog!

This blog does not accept unsolicited submissions.¬†Contact information for MAPA is listed in the “About MAPA” section.

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