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Public Engagement Abroad: Peyre Blanque Archaeological Project

The last few posts for MAPA, I’ve been discussing different aspects of public engagement. As part of that I wanted to talk about public engagement in a non-american context, how its different, and why those differences create a whole different type of archaeological heritage. In an earlier blog post, I discussed the ways in which we engage with the pubic as archaeologist, and how it can be technically more difficult than it first seems. In many ways these are site or project specific. I went to talk with BU faculty members Dr. Sébastien Lacombe (Director) and Dr. Kathleen Sterling (Co-Director) who together run a project in southwestern France called the Peyre Blanque Archaeological Project.  The project has been running for the last 9 years, and aside from having amazing archaeology, it has a pretty amazing relationship with the public too. I sat down with both Dr. Sterling and Dr. Lacombe to get their perspectives on public engagement at Peyre Blanque and how it differs from American archaeology. First some background on Peyre Blanque. The project is a very rare Upper Paleolithic “open-air” settlement (more precisely a Middle Magdalenian, about 16,000 BP) located on top a ridge. Not surprisingly a modern hiking trail runs along side it. In many cases, a [Read More]

MAPA Co-Director Featured on the Archaeology Podcast Network

We are pleased to announce that news of the MAPA program has gone national! Dr. Randall McGuire, one of MAPA’s co-directors, was recently interviewed by Chris Webster on the Archaeology Podcast Network (APN). APN is a mainstay of many in the archaeological community and has a broad audience spanning the United States. The APN has several different programs, all run by archaeologists, touching on a wide array of subjects including shows like “Anarchaeologist”, “Archaeology and Ale”, “Profiles in CRM”, “Prehistories with Kim”,  “ArchyFantasies”, “CRM in the 21st Century”, and one of my favorites, “The Struggling Archaeologist”. Dr. McGuire went on Chris’s show, “CRM Archaeology” to talk about MAPA, and what it has to offer archaeological field technicians working within Cultural Resource Management firms. With MAPA just getting off the ground this year, Chris had a few questions about practicality and the kinds of hands-on skills people can hope to get at Binghamton. To address these questions, Dr. McGuire first talked about the long history Binghamton has in training graduate-level archaeologists for positions in CRM and other public realms, and how these prior successes speak to the effectiveness of the original archaeology program . But McGuire also made it clear that [Read More]